There’s a new movement sweeping through our little community!

You may have noticed little rocks through town that look a little abnormal. Paris Texas Rocks is a movement through the community that many are getting involved in. Here’s how it works…

There are small painted rocks being hidden around the community, the idea is that when you find one you cherish it for a moment and then place it in a new home for someone else to enjoy too! You can take it into your own hands to paint and hide rocks, or you can simply go on the search and take part in the movement. The Facebook group, click here, even offers clues on where to find these rock friends. This is beginning to build a community of people around Paris and creating an opportunity to get active outside and do things together!

This movement aims to inspire creativity, imagination, and love for outdoors! Together, you can nuture this community by adding a little pop of color around town. It’s easy and fun for all ages, and a great activity for the whole family!

We spoke with Terri Jimmerson who is the Facebook Group Admin and learned a little about this initiative.

It turns out that the group started here in Paris on July 23rd of this year, and has over 2,000 members to date!
“I believe it gives families valuable time together, whether they are painting, hiding or hunting rocks.  Time that would not normally be spent with each other.  It also allows them to explore the history of Paris and the surrounding community.  I have seen rocks hidden in places and around historical markers that I did not even know existed.” said Jimmerson.

She also added to be careful, it can be addicting! “We have rocks from Paris that have traveled to other towns in Texas and even outside this area, i.e.,    The Colony, Little Rock Arkansas, New York,  Arizona, Missouri, Kansas and even Australia to name a few.  The goal is to see how far they can travel and how much joy they can bring to others.  We have ones that are inspirational, some cartoon characters, peaceful painting, all kinds of imagination goes onto the rocks.” 

On August 12, 2017, at the Paris Farmers Market you can even bring a rock and take part in a painting party. Click here for more info.

Want to get started? Find a rock and let the fun begin…

  • Tag the bottom:
    • Write on the bottom with paint pens or sharpies.
      “Paris TX ROCKS!! Please also seal this before hiding.
  • Hiding Rocks:
    • You can hide pretty much anywhere outside but please be respectful. Also think about where you are hiding. You don’t want to hide in an unsafe place or area where the finder would be in danger. Please do not hide inside retail stores unless you have personally talked to a member of management and get the ok. We want to be respectful in all aspects of this project. Thank you for understanding!
  • Finding rocks:
    • Post your finds to our group! You can keep or rehide them. It’s up to the finder whether they want to keep it or rehide it.
  • Other stuff:
    • Vandalism will not be tolerated. Please do not paint any big rocks that are used for landscaping, decoration, or natural.

From the group: “Everyone is invited to keep this project fun and family friendly so please nothing vulgar or hateful. The point of this project is to spread kindness, joy, and art out into our community.”

Have you seen them? Played along? Click here to join the facebook group, Paris Texas Rocks!

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