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‘Mission Impossible – Fallout’ || Movie Review by Nick Murillo


The sixth installment in the Mission Impossible film series, Fallout, stars Tom Cruise as Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt. Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Alec Baldwin also reprise their roles as IMF agents maneuvering the latest impossible mission.

The film begins with Ethan and crew accepting a new mission to thwart the sale of black market nuclear weapon materials. This being the sixth film in, there are a few relationship dynamics between characters that reference earlier plot points in the series, which may leave some confused, but serves as a more fully realized world for already invested audiences, and negligible unknowns for those not as familiar with the previous storylines.

The plot of the film is actually quite predictable in that there is a target that must be acquired, either an object or person, and a certain unfavorable fate to be avoided by film’s end, but the journey of how that unfolds is what makes the two and a half hour spy vs. spy back and forth not only interesting but exhilarating.

The formula is simple. Introduce an objective the characters have to attain. Create a problematic situation that interferes with said objective. Introduce another problem, and then another to draw out the tension to a tautly tangible sense of suspense, and just when the audience expects a resolution, introduce a final problem that in turn makes the scene that much more complex and thrilling to watch. Its simplicity is starkly apparent but its effect does well to impress.

There are several set-pieces involving car chases, foot chases, and a helicopter chase scene, and in all of them, it appears that Tom Cruise was involved in most of if not all of his own stunts. There are double crosses and triple crosses as expected from story about spies but they’re presented so seamlessly, it’s difficult to see them coming, if at all.

The story isn’t anything groundbreaking or even particularly interesting, as it serves as more of a vehicle for all the subversion by way of intense fight scenes, compellingly conversational sparring, and pursuits that play out in unpredictable yet progressively revealing ways. There isn’t a moment where the story feels slow or off-paced, and scenes and settings unmask themselves in inventive and satisfying ways.

Although Mission: Impossible – Fallout may lack any compelling character dynamics or inventive plotline, it is a great summer action movie full of moment to moment set-pieces and revelatory storytelling that make it entertaining and fun.

Article Written By Nick Murillo
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