We have most likely all been there; you just need a little self-care. Many companies don’t recognize a mental health day as a truly needed day off, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a type of mental health plan for yourself if you need to.

Here are some signs of mental burn out at work.

  • Do you feel frustrated about your workplace and in a rut?
  • You have no energy for your job.
  • You dread going to the office and feel non-productive during the time you’re there.

If you’re feeling this way, what can you do besides eat up all of your personal time off? The first step is to make the most of your weekends and free time. Instead of binge-watching Netflix, you are actually not recharging your battery – you’re just occupying time. Try doing things you really like to do. If you like to cook, invite friends over for a Bar B Que. If you enjoy the outdoors perhaps take a nice hike. Not only are you feeling a sense of accomplishment, but you’re taking your mind to a relaxed place rather than thinking about work.

If you’re in a rut at your office space, try rearranging your desk. Sometimes just looking at things in a different way can give you a new found sense of creativity.

If you eat in the break room at work, try eating your lunch at a nearby park or outside. This can give you a sense of new smells, sounds, and fresh air.

Taking on new projects at work can also help with that bored feeling. You can always go to your supervisor and ask to be assigned to a new project, task or team. Taking on new assignments can break up the monotony of the same o same o.

What about working out at lunch? While this activity may not be for everyone, it is a great way to get those endorphins going and keep your energy up. Many companies these days have gyms within the work facility, however, if you don’t have access to a gym, you can always take a short walk outside.

Lastly, enjoy your vacation time. Turn your phone off, don’t take calls from the office and don’t look at your email. Whatever is going on at the office can wait. Take care of you.

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