In 2017, more than 47,000 Americans took their own lives in the struggle with mental illness.

Two local filmmakers, a group of Paris residents and one national social media influencer recently partnered up to shed light on mental illness and the crisis of suicide in our communities throughout America.

Grant Bourne is a war veteran and bike enthusiast who recently completed the “Ride Out of the Darkness” campaign as he drove 100,000 miles across America on a motorcycle to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Bourne wasn’t finished there, he reached out to local videographers Broadway and Lea Emerson to help shed even more light on such a hard topic.

In collaboration with many other residents of Paris and the surrounding areas, they created the video below with real stories from real people. The project is now published on Ride Out of the Darkness’ social media platforms, as well as multiple other suicide awareness campaigns.

Check out the video below: