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The drink that changes everything


A couple of years ago if I mentioned that one of my favorite healthy beverages was Kombucha, most people would have looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Some of you still may, however, I have noticed that it is becoming a more popular drink lately, especially now that we have Booth’s Brew selling his delicious Kombucha at our local Farmer’s Market and educating people on the health benefits of this natural probiotic drink.

If you have not tried his deliciously flavored Kombucha’s, you really are missing out. I would encourage you to make a trip to our local farmer’s market before the season is over just to try it. Kombucha is one of my favorite beverages to recommend to people who are having a hard time giving up soda’s or other carbonated beverages that are high in sugar. To have a healthy alternative always makes the transition a little bit easier for people. Depending on the brand of kombucha you buy, there are plenty of flavors to choose from and they all provide the nice refreshing carbonation that most everyone craves from a soda. If you can’t make it out to the local farmer’s market, our local grocery stores carry a variety of brands now too including both Wal-Mart, Kroger and our local Wellness Center!


Here are a couple of my favorite brands to look for:

If you wanna get extra fancy, and save quite a bit of money if you plan on drinking these often, you may want to consider just making your own. It may sound intimidating, but it really is a lot easier than you would think. I wrote a whole blog post on it a couple of years ago when I first started learning more about this wonderful healthy beverage.

If you still have no idea what I am talking about, this post will help explain a little bit more about what Kombucha is as well. Cheers!