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Healthy High Energy Mocha Coffee || Polly the Food Snob


My healthy high energy mocha coffee is one I created that’s perfect to kick start your early mornings as well as to satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth cravings anytime of the day while avoiding processed sugar. It’s also dairy free and includes ingredients loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber, and provides a natural energy boost. Blended, it’s foamy and reminds me of a high end coffee shop specialty beverage. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

2 cups brewed organic coffee
1 TB cacao nibs
2 large pitted dates
1 TB organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil
1 TB Kerrygold butter
2 TB unsweetened coconut, cashew, or almond milk

Brew your coffee. Add all ingredients at once to a high-powered blender and blend on the highest setting for 30 seconds. I use a Vitamix, which does a beautiful job of pulverizing the dates and cacao nibs. If you don’t own one that will do the trick, then substitute the cacao nibs with cacao powder and the dates with Stevia powder to taste for sweetness.
** Cacao is less processed, done so at a lower temperature and has more powerful antioxidant effects and health benefits than cocoa.
** Unrefined coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts while refined is made from dried coconuts.
**Kerrygold butter is the top rated butter in our nation. Delicious and creamy, it is made from the milk of Irish grass fed cows and among other positive health benefits, is an excellent source of vitamin A.


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