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Healthy Comfort Food


Switching to a whole foods lifestyle does not mean you have to give up your favorite baked goods, sweet treats and special Saturday morning pancake tradition, it just means you may need to swap out certain ingredients for healthier ones.

Over the years as our family has made major changes in our food choices, I have tried multiple recipes when it comes to comfort foods such as these. When searching for new recipes, I not only want the ingredients to be clean, and more nutrient dense than the traditional version of these foods, but I also want them to taste delicious and be good enough to serve to family and friends that do not eat like we do all of the time. This is one of my favorite ways to show people that come into our home that eating healthy does not have to be boring and bland!

After years of recipe testing, I have found some comfort food recipes across the web that have become favorite’s in the Finch home. I am happy to share them with you today so that you can begin a new healthy recipe collection of your own.


One little side notes before you start looking at all the recipes below..

I always feel the need to include this as a reminder when sharing recipes like these with you all. Even though these are technically healthier recipes compared to a more traditional version of them, they should still be treated as a special treat. You will do well to aim for most of your meals and snacks throughout the day to include unlimited amounts of leafy greens and colorful vegetables, good quality fat from fruits like avocado and high quality oils such as coconut oil or grass-fed butter, high quality animal protein such as grass-fed beef, wild caught fish, or pasture raised chicken, some fruit, and some nuts and seeds. These foods will provide you with the most nutrient density. Recipes like the ones below should be included in your diet more for variety, convenience at times, and as a means to not make you feel like you are being deprived of your favorite foods. Enjoy!


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