There is more to a golf swing than a good grip, but don’t underestimate the importance of holding the club correctly. A good grip accomplishes several things; it increases the chance of squaring the clubface at impact, it enables the wrists to hinge and create leverage (increasing clubhead speed and distance), and it gives you control over the club.

So, what constitutes a good grip? Here are the things I look for:

  1. The fingers of the left hand are sitting perpendicular to the club’s grip (assuming the player is right-handed).
  2. The club is sitting approximately where the fingers end, and the palm begins. This may vary slightly depending on the size of the player’s hands.
  3. The heel pad of the left hand sits on top of the grip.
  4. There is no gap between the fingers of the left hand and the club’s grip.
  5. When the club shaft is pointing approximately towards the body center, the player can see two knuckles of the left hand (the index and middle finger knuckle). Only seeing one knuckle, or less may contribute to a slice. And seeing three or more knuckles may contribute to a hook.
  6. The grip pressure is firm enough to support the club, but not too tight that it restricts wrist hinge.

It is worth reviewing your grip every now and then. Click here to watch a video.

Cathy Harbin, PGA, LPGA

Pine Ridge Golf Course, Paris, Texas

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