Our Local City Manager and author John Godwin recently published his latest book, now available online at Amazon and through other booksellers.

The book is titled John’s Big Adventure: Life Lessons From Death’s Door,  and though Godwin is the author of five books in total, he says “this one is much more personal than the others.”

In 2013 the Marshall, Texas native was struck down by a rare and often fatal disease in his heart. Doctors gave him only days to live and suggested his wife plan his funeral.

“But I received amazing care, and after a series of operations, culminating in a wildly successful heart transplant on July 2, 2013, I am doing great.” Godwin said.

Godwin began speaking to various groups—at hospitals, churches, civic groups, and others—about his incredible experience, as a way to express gratitude for his gift of life.

“In Tyler one day after speaking to a group of about 300, I had some nurses come to me and suggest my story would make a great book.” He drafted a manuscript, submitted it to a few publishers, and signed a publication agreement in July last year.

John’s Big Adventure: Life Lessons From Death’s Door became available in February. Orders have been better than expected, so there have been some delivery delays.