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Holistic Minded Health Care: Get equipped and empowered to help others


Do you have a natural passion for helping people?

Do you also have a passion for natural healthy living?

Is your viewpoint more towards natural solutions rather than drugs and surgery?


If so, then I would invite you to consider the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Course.

This is the certification course that I personally went through to be able to further help not only my clients but my family as well.

I currently run a very part time practice and am able to only help a few people at a time however, I have people asking me all the time if I can help them and I have to turn them away or put them on a waiting list! Trust me, the need is there for more holistically minded health care providers and you would have an opportunity to help change people’s lives drastically if you went through this course.

Even if I chose to not make any profit off of the education I received and decided to never start my own practice, I would do this course over again in a heartbeat! I learned SO much valuable information in this course that gave me the confidence to better take care of not only my clients but myself and my family as well for the rest of our lives. In other words, even if you just have a desire to learn more and work on your own health as well as your families, this course is for you!

I not only am more confident in coaching my clients on the foundations of building health through customized nutrition, rest and good quality sleep, appropriate exercise, and managing stress, but I also now have a professional relationship with well respected functional lab companies that allow me to order test kits for myself and my clients. These tests are a key part in my coaching and allow us to stop guessing and get to the root of main health complaints.

The three main labs that I currently run with my clients include Oxford Biomedical Technologies MRT (food sensitivity test), Precision Analytical DUTCH test (a complete hormone panel), and Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP (a comprehensive stool panel that tests for multiple parasites within the gut and other important gut immune markers). The FDN course has allowed me to not only have access to these incredible labs, but has also trained me in accurately interpreting and putting together customized protocols for myself and my clients based off of lab test results.

I absolutely LOVE what I get to do!

To learn more about this incredible course and how you can sign-up please go read my full post on my website. There I also share with you testimonials from some of my most recent clients I think you will find quite inspiring.

Read my full post here.