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Flashing Red, Kids Ahead


As families, educators and communities prepare for the school year to begin there is an important message spreading throughout a campaign sponsored by Everett Toyota of Paris reminding drivers to keep an eye out for flashing red lights.

The Flashing Red, Kids Ahead campaign combines efforts from Lamar County schools, law enforcement officials and Everett Toyota of Paris to protect lives in our community. The Texas Department of Public Safety released a statewide report that revealed more than 6000 drivers illegally pass stopped school buses every year in our state.

“Everett Toyota of Paris is proud to bring the Flashing Red, Kids Ahead campaign to our community,” said Marketing Director of Everett Toyota of Paris Brenda Wells. We would love to see this campaign spread throughout the state of Texas to bring awareness.”


Susie Everett, Owner of Everett dealerships, joined local schools and law enforcement to produce the video below in hopes to lower this number and keep children safe.


Special thanks to Everett Toyota of Paris for sponsoring this campaign, Lamar County School representatives and local law enforcement for coming together and making this message possible.



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