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The new year has officially begun. By now, you have most likely been bombarded with endless marketing aimed at you to lose weight and get fit.


There’s no doubt about it that our nation as a whole is unhealthy and big change is in order if we ever want to see a shift in our nation’s health. In fact, many people would benefit greatly from losing weight, but weight loss alone is not what makes you healthy! I have met plenty of skinny people that are extremely unhealthy.

“..big change is in order if we ever want to see a shift in our nation’s health.”

Stop and think for a second and ask yourself some questions before you set out on your journey to lose weight this year.

What measures will you go to to lose weight and what will it cost you?

Is what you are doing sustainable? If it is not, it probably is not realistic that you will continue it as a lifestyle and you will end up falling into a cycle of yo-yo dieting where you lose weight quickly only to gain it right back when you realize you can’t keep up what you are doing.

Are you losing weight or are you losing fat? There is a difference.

Did you start working out and putting on muscle? This may result in weight gain and is a good thing! Please don’t use your scale as a measure of your health. It really is such a poor and ineffective tool to measure something that is so much more complex than a simple number. I threw mine out a long time ago and it has been the greatest thing for my health!

Don’t miss the bigger picture. There is so, so so much more to your health!

How is your outlook on life, are you having fun?

Do you make time for the things that you love to do and bring you life?

How often do you laugh, speak positively to yourself?

What do your relationships look like?

Are they encouraging or draining to you?

What is your stress level like?

Are you eating good wholesome food that is nourishing to your body on a regular basis?

Do you even enjoy your workouts? Do they bring you energy or leave you feeling drained?

What do your sleep habits look like? Are you getting enough?

Do you wake up feeling rested?

What internal stressors are you dealing with?

Have you been tested to rule things out that may be preventing you from reaching your health goals like gut pathogens, parasites, yeast infections, hormone imbalance, food sensitivities?

These are the things that make up a whole health program and these are the very things that I coach all of my clients to focus on when working with me.

So, do you want to be skinny this year, or do you want to be healthy?

There is a BIG difference. Don’t be fooled.

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