Photo: Boxney and Harshlight/Flickr/Attribution License

You can now get the magic of Disney (snacks) delivered right to your door each month with a subscription box called Boxney.

The company offers three different boxes that customers can subscribe to monthly. Or, you can purchase a single box if you prefer to not be tied down to a monthly service.

Box 1 – Goodie Box mini

Photo: Boxney

This box comes with three to four treats from Disney World and is $30 a month.

Box 2 – The Goodie Box original

Photo: Boxney

This box contains four to seven treats each month and runs $60.

Box 3 – Goodie Box premium

Photo: Boxney

This box contains ten to 15 treats a month and runs $110.

To learn more about Boxney, visit the company’s website by clicking here.