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Deer season: So close you can smell it


Deer season begins in Texas on Sept. 29, 2018, and with it brings the season where men complete 90 percent of their annual laundry work.

No other time of year sees more men fighting for an open washing machine than hunting season. Yet, unlike most laundry the tools of the trade with a fresh clean breeze, lavender, and downy softness, hunting laundry consist of scent free detergent and dirt scent dryer sheets.

Since the beginning of time, hunters have worked tirelessly to get the upper hand on the game they pursue. Ancient Indians would use smoke from fires and animal skins to help them get closer to their targets. In today’s world, technology has produced a wide array of tools for hunters, all in the hopes of closing the distance. There are more products on the market today than ever before! For instance, Ozonics has developed an ozone generator that is reported to help eliminate human scent through ozone for the low price of $399.99! 


Wildlife technologies have a full line of scent eliminating items from shampoo and soap to detergents, deodorant, and field sprays. Even the clothing industries have jumped on board with lines like scent blocker and clothing with scent wicking technology. Everywhere you look there are options, but what do you use?

What works? 

There have been many studies done on scent eliminating products using dogs and the results have all been the same. Hunter uses the product, hunter hides, dog finds hunter.

Well great… especially considering that a deer’s nose is way more sensitive than that of a dog. Millions of dollars are spent every year trying to eliminate scent, but can scent really be eliminated? If you ask 10 different hunters, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. For now were going to look at a new, local product that has hunters in the area buzzing and it doesn’t eliminate scent at all! 

Red Arrow Scents came on the market in 2016 and is available online and in the shop at the Broadhead Barn in Reno, Tx. They have been making waves with hunters by way of word of mouth.

They have 10 scents and they are all natural. The concept behind this scent company is not to eliminate scent, but to overpower the sense of smell with a cover scent that entices game or is natural to the area.

By using this product around the stand and sprayed on the hunter it overpowers the deer’s sense of smell with an odor that is natural to the area and entices them to come in for a bite. Hunters have provided testimonials of deer following their path to the stand and even eating bushes, that it was sprayed on, down to the roots in one night.  One hunter even reports that he placed the product on a rotted log and feral hogs ate the entire log.

Now they don’t just have food-based scents, there are also organic scents like pine, cedar, dirt and deer bedding scents. The bedding scents is a combination of scents from areas that deer use as a sanctuary and the scent has a calming effect on the animal as they feel that the area is safe because it smells as if it is frequented by many deer.

So the question is: Which is better? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question, but one thing is for sure, the experience is the best option. For each hunter, the best advice would be to research products, talk to other hunters, and ultimately try it for yourself. I know this makes it clear as mud….. wait maybe mud would work!!


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