Whether you are ready to make a healthy lifestyle or not, it starts with at least educating yourself.

I recently watched some really great documentaries that you can access on Netflix, and I would encourage anyone to check them out.

Some of my favorite quotes from both of the documentaries include the following:

“One of the biggest roadblocks that we face to change is that we as an entire society have forgotten what it feels like to be healthy.”-What’s With Wheat

“The reason behind this education with what’s wrong with wheat in this documentary is to get you to ask more questions, to be more aware, to understand what is happening out there, to take an active role in how your food is produced. We can’t change with the thinking that has gotten us into this predicament. We must change with a different type of thinking. Become educated, become knowledgeable, become aware, start making changes step by step habit by habit and we may be able to create a tsunami of change that will change the health of our children and our future generations. “ -What’s With Wheat

“We have not put enough of our resources into what REAL prevention looks like. When you look at the cost that America puts into health care and then you look at the outcomes, in any other business you would say..this model is broken, somebody ought to change that!” -Quote from The C Word

We need to wake up as a nation and realize that big change is in order and it starts with you and me.

If you wish to watch either of these films, you can follow the links below to learn more about them or just search it on Netflix.

Click here for – What’s With Wheat

Click here for – The C-Word