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Local mom finds green mold in sons applesauce pouch


Local Paris mom, Alecia Cullum, gave her son a package of Mott’s Applesauce Pouches as a snack. Shortly after opening it her son complained that the applesauce “tasted like poop”.  Confused, as any mother would be, she took a knife to the pouch and was shocked at what she saw!
After realizing it was filled with green mold she proceeded to open the next three packages to find the exact same thing in each one. Cullum even shows the packaging date which says the product inside is good until August 22, 2017. 

The Paris Mom said “I’ve been feeding my children this for years! My oldest is 4 and he’s been eating Mott’s applesauce in the packets since he was little.”

The following morning after the mold discovery was made, Cullum took her son to the doctor to see if there was anything to worry about. The pediatrician assured her that her son was fine.  When asked if she would ever buy the pouches again, Cullum stated:

“I won’t buy the pouches again because I can’t see what’s in them. But my boys love applesauce so I will continue to buy it for them. In fact, I just bought a pack of Mott’s applesauce cups last night!”

After Cullum took to facebook with her experience, the post gained traction through social media with over 500,000 shares and over 86,000 comments. Mott’s contacted Cullum after her Facebook post went viral. They intend to send a representative to Cullum’s house to retrieve and test the product further and also offered to send her some coupons for future purchases.

When eParis reached out to Cullum about her experience, including her very popular facebook post she responded, “it’s so crazy to me that a video warning my close friends and family turned into this.”


Do you buy these for your kids? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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