If you thought the SyleShoots robot fashion studio looked cool, but wanted something that’s actually affordable for the average consumer, Amazon has got your back.

In a new addition to their Echo line of smart devices, Amazon has slapped a fancy camera on Alexa with the new Amazon Echo Look. It retains all the standard Alexa voice features, such as reading you the news, playing music, controlling your smart home devices, and updating you on weather and traffic, but the new hands-free camera allows you to take the ultimate selfie in order to help you out with your fashion choices.

Just say “Alexa, take a picture,” and the Echo Look will snap a full-length picture of your body and outfit. If you say “Alexa, take a video” you can record a short clip of yourself turning around a full 360 degrees to get a view of yourself from any angle on the Echo Look’s companion app. It’s basically a 3D mirror. The companion app also lets you create a personal “lookbook” of all your outfits, and, of course, you can share your photos as well, which is perfect for the fashion bloggers out there.

The Echo Look features 4 built-in LEDs to light your personal fashion show in case your closet or bedroom is a bit on the dark side, and the depth-sensing camera can apply a computer vision-based background blur to make your body really stand out, to hide the potential mounds of rejected outfits in the background.

One key feature of the device is “Style Check,” a service that uses machine learning algorithms to give you fashion advice based on your outfit that the camera captures. You can take pictures of yourself in two different outfits, and Style Check will suggest which is the better pick based on fit, color, styling, and current fashion trends. In order to give you the best fashion tips possible, the system collects data from fashion specialists, as well as the feedback it gets from its users. The device will get smarter over time as more people use it.

There is no set release date for the Echo Look. It’s currently only available to order on an invitation-only basis, at a price of $199.99. You can request an invitation on Amazon’s product page. You can also check out Amazon’s video overview of the Echo Look here.