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Amazon increases Prime Membership fees, weighing the cost


On January 19, Amazon increased the price of their monthly membership fee for Amazon Prime.

The yearly fee for Prime remains at $99, but if you’re looking to pay month to month then you’ll be seeing an increase of about $4 monthly since the price change. Is it worth it?

There are some obvious perks to Prime like free 2-day shipping, and then some extra bonus features like Amazon video streaming, music, reading and prime photos. If you’re really just in it for the free shipping, there might be a few things to consider with the price increase.


You can do a 30-day-free trial and use the perks, but cancel your membership prior to getting charged. Doing this at a peak time, like the holiday season, will give you all the perks without damaging your credit card even more.

If you’re a student then don’t miss out on Amazon Prime for Students, the yearly cost is only $49 or you can pay monthly at a rate of $6.49.

Avoid the prime fee but enjoy free shipping by ordering over $25. It’s pretty easy to reach $25 and if you’re just short of the mark then pitch an add-on item in the cart. You can also subscribe and save on common items you use often in your home, this offers some pretty great savings as well.

Lastly, if you’re great with money management then consider getting a credit card that offers Amazon Prime as a perk. You might get money back or a free membership using cards like Discover and American Express.

What will you do?  Is the price worth it? Let us know in the comments!



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