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I ain’t afraid of no ghost | by Cory Jones


This last week was October 31st (Halloween), and what a fun evening we had at our church Trunk-or-Treat festivities. I can still remember growing up in our Christian home and not being allowed to participate in this “evil, ghostly, demonic holiday”. Now, I never enjoyed scary movies anyway, but the thought of all my friends getting bags of candy while I hid in the back of our house with the lights off, wasn’t appealing either. In fact, I still remember my junior year in high school, when my parents finally decided to let us kids “participate” in Halloween. It was already late in the afternoon and not a thought had been given to a costume. I ran into my closet, pulled out my wetsuit, wet my hair in the sink and grabbed my surfboard. Without a hesitation, I ran barefoot through my neighborhood the rest of the night, up to every door asking for candy. It’s a memory that is forever engrained in my mind. And no, not one ghost or demon possessed me because of it.

Somewhere along the way, as Christians, we have become afraid of the very “dark” that Jesus called us to reach. Yes, I understand Scripture teaches we are not to be conformed to the image of this world, but He also didn’t call us to sit in the back of our houses with the lights off so people wouldn’t think we’re home! In fact, Jesus was called the Light of the world. By very definition, darkness can not exist in the presence of light. The only way darkness prevails is when light is not present (or is turned off and sitting in the back of the house).


 This year our church did a community Trunk-or-Treat festival (as did a number of other churches in town). What a shocking difference from my earlier years. We had games, bounce houses, hay rides, food trucks, a bake sale, and lots of trunks with loads of candy (even after buying in bulk from a local wholesaler, we had to make multiple runs to empty the shelves of a few groceries in town)! And the kids loved it! And parents loved being able to take their kids to a safe one-stop-shop. After all was said and done, thousands enjoyed those festivities. On a night where Christians used to lock the doors and turn off the lights, we were able to meet a need within our community by not being afraid of the dark.

Remember, “greater is He who lives in me than he who is in the world.” Stop being afraid of the darkness and realize that with the power of His Spirit in our lives, Love has the ability to pierce even the darkest of hearts. Stop turning off your lights and start shining it for all to see. No matter what comes your way, with His Light, you too can say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

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