Photo: Joe Watson

Volunteers are still needed for Mannequin Night in Paris on Oct. 20, 2018, from 5-8 p.m. downtown.

This year’s theme is Halloween Town.

Volunteers must provide their own costumes. If posing in groups of two or more, volunteers are required to choose costumes that coordinate.

For example, characters from Star Wars would all pose together. A Disney Princess will not be posing with a Star Wars character.

“This helps our store owners decorate for a single theme and the windows appear consistent and visually pleasing,” said organizer Jill Awtrey online. “Volunteers must be able to stand or sit motionless, like mannequins, for extended periods of times. Talking disrupts the visual effect of being the mannequin.”

Awtrey said breaks are allowed – which gives time to visit with family and friends.

“If you cannot volunteer for the entire event, please do not sign up as it leaves businesses who participate without volunteers,” Awtrey said. “However, if you have a group of volunteers and can coordinate shifts, we can work with that.”

Click here to sign up online.