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Mike Ryan to take the stage tonight at Heritage Hall || Red Dirt Vibes


Mike Ryan is set to take the stage tonight with special guests Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers at Heritage Hall.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and runs through 11 p.m. Tickets are $20 apiece for 21 and older$25 apiece for under 21Click here to buy tickets online.

Ryan set the bar high with the release of his last album, “Bad Reputation,” in 2014, which featured a trio of number one singles on the Texas Music Charts.

According to his website, Ryan’s musical story began in the Lone Star state, his first exposure to music was from his grandfather, who directed the Texas National Guard Band for over 30 years. He became one of Ryan’s biggest musical influences, first learning the clarinet from him – among other instruments.

“I found out after one short lesson with my grandfather that there was way more to this music thing than I had ever realized before,” he said. “My grandfather was able to make people fall in love with music in a way that no one else could. I was very grateful for that growing up.”

From there, Ryan taught himself how to play the guitar – though he admits he had to learn the art of patience.

“I didn’t have lessons or anything,” he said. “I just had some extra time on my hands when I finished high school football, so I picked up a guitar and hit the ground running.”

Needless to say, he was hooked.

“The way I learned was mostly by listening to the radio to figure out chords,” he said. “I would lock myself in a room and play for hours. I would play my G, C, D, and if it didn’t sound right, I would just move the capo up, until I figured out the right chord. I taught myself how to play the way that it worked for me. Maybe learning from other people could’ve made certain things easier, but I think learning it my way might’ve helped make it stick. I think sometimes if you learn things on your own, you learn them better.”

Besides the hit records, Ryan’s resume also includes winning New Male Vocalist of the Year at the Texas Regional Radio Awards in 2015. The list of sold-out venues he’s played around the country continues to grow.

Heritage Hall is at 1009 W.Kaufman Street in Paris.

For more information, visit Heritage Hall online, call 903-517-9303 or email hhparistx@gmail.com.