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Police investigate after man steals Honey Buns from local store


Police are investigating after a man stole Honey Buns from a local store.

Around 8 a.m. on May 10, 2019, Paris police officers were called to the 600 block of Bonham Street for reports of a theft.

Paris Police Public Information Officer Curtis Garrett said when officers arrived, they were told a white man had walked into the store, picked up two Honey Buns, and walked out of the store without paying for them.

“The employees advised this is a frequent behavior of the suspect,” Garrett said. “He was observed and identified by the officer while watching the video surveillance of the incident.”

Garrett said the suspect had at least two prior convictions for theft and, therefore, this charge will be enhanced to a felony.

“Because the incident is under investigation and the man has not yet been arrested, no names will be released at this time,” Garrett said.

Amanda Cutshall
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  1. A felony?
    This sounds like something the English would do in the 1700’s ! Give somebody serious time for stealing food. Does it occur that this could simply be an economic/mental health problem worthy of biblical style compassion? Or Muslim sharia law style punishment of chopping off the hands for a simple theft?
    Maybe we should go back to some of these old school English methods.

    Tenured inmate to new the new fish ” what u in fo man? “. New fish answers “stole a honey bun updare in Paris”

    Criminals convicted of lesser crimes were fined, branded on the hand by a hot iron, or shamed in front of the general public: by being whipped ‘at the cart’s tail’, for example, or being set in the pillory and pelted with rotten eggs and vegetables. Long-term prison sentences in ‘Houses of Correction’ were also more widely imposed towards the century’s end.

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