From the Paris Police Department:

“The department took a complaint regarding a FB Swap Shop post offering a work from home job. Our complainant applied for the position, conducting the job interview over Google Hangout.  Usual interview questions were answered and a job offer made, all online. Then the ‘company’ agent informed her that his company tries to help their employees with debt and bad credit and asked for all their accounts that were outstanding. The complainant gave a list of credit cards, but thankfully no account numbers. Then another message asking for photographs of the credit cards themselves. Obviously a scam. The complainant reports that the company name was given as Appin, which is a real company, but probably not involved in this deal.  The complainant let us know this afternoon that another very similar advertisement had surfaced on swap shop with a company of Novartis, which again is a real company. The internet is truly an efficient and super fast manner of doing business. Please research these offers fully before applying, and especially before giving up personal information.  If the deal sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.”