Date Range: October 12, 2018 – October 14, 2018

TONEY, ROSA LYNN – MTR/Driving while intoxicated 2nd; Possession of marijuana <2oz

GORTON, SCOTT ARTHUR – False drug test falsification device

STEWART, PATRICIA JUNE – No driver’s license (when unlicensed); Possession of controlled substance  PG1<1G

MCCANN, TIFFANY ANNE – Possession of controlled substance  PG1<1G

HALL, TRAVEZ RAMONE – Violation of juvenile parole

MILLER, JAMES AARON – Aggravated assault with deadly weapon; Violation of parole

DEVERELL, TRACY LYNN – DCC/Burglary of building

MILLER, JAMES EDWARD, JR – Violation of parole; Aggravated assault with deadly weapon

BURGTORF, ROBERT MICHEAL, JR – Fugitive from justice/parole

ZIEGLER, MICHAEL SHANE – UNL carrying weapon; Theft of property >=$2,500<$30K; Theft of firearm

GRAY, TOMMORRIS DEON – CCC/Possession of marijuana <2oz

NEELY, BILLY JOE – CCC/Possession of marijuana <2oz

BARNETT, LANDON KYLE – CPF/Minor in consumption

SANDERS, JUSTIN COTY – KN/Interfere with public duties

RANSOM, BRADLEY JOE – NO DL; Fail to appear

MONTERRUBIO, JANELL – Hinder apprehension/prosecution

WOODS, AUTYANNA SHAVAUGSHEA – Speeding; No DL; MTAG/Aggravated assault causes bodily injury; MTAG/Criminal trespass

Drake, Willard Roy, III – Theft of service >=$750<$2500

FREELEN, MATTHEW SHANE – UNL Possession of firearm by felon; Assault family household member impeding breath

PIERCE, BRANDON LEE – Possession of marijuana <2oz; Possession of drug paraphernalia; No DL (when unlicensed)