Date Range: January 09, 2019 – January 10, 2019

SAGER, JAMIE BOYLES – Driving while intoxicated/Open alcohol container

HENSLER, ASHLEY NICOLE – No driver’s license/when unlicensed

GARITE, BRITTANY JANELL – BS/Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G

MAYES, JASON LAMON – Order revoking bond/Delivery of marijuana 1/4 OZ <5LBS Drug free zone

HUGHES, PARRIS QUINTEZ – Manufacturing or delivery of PG 3/4 >=28G<200G; Unl possession of firearm by felon; Theft of firearm; Possession of marijuana <2oz; Aggravated assault with deadly weapon

NUNN, ZAKARY TYLER – Assault family household member impeding breath; UNL restraint; Viol bond protective order




MILLER, ALLAN CHANDLER JAMES – MTAG/Possession of marijuana <2oz

BALLARD, CARRIE – Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G

DUNCAN, CHARLIE THOMAS – Manufacturing or delivery of controlled substance PG 2 OR 2-A >=4G<400G; Possession of marijuana >4OZ<=5LBS

COLEMAN, DARSHEIKQUA ANTWANETTE – MTAG/Possession of marijuana <2oz

THOMAS, JUSTIN DEWAYNE – Possession of marijuana >4OZ<=5LBS; Possession of controlled substance PG 2 >= 4G<400G; Criminal nonsupport (two counts)

MARTIN, KLAY THOMAS – Fail to display court order

BROWN, MICHAEL DEAN – Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G; Manufacturing or delivery of controlled substance PG 1 >=1G<4G

BENE, ALEXANDER BARNETT – Defective or no tail lamps; Evading arrest or detention with vehicle; Failed to drive in single lane