Date Range: January 16, 2019 – January 17, 2019

LASSETTER, CHRISTOPHER JOE – MTAG/DWLI with previous; MTAG/Driving while intoxicated 3rd or more

MCGEE, JOHN DAVID, JR – Violatio of parole

HUGHES, DAKOTA D. – Possession of drug paraphernalia (two counts)

SEAT, RICKY JOEL – No driver’s license (when unlicensed)

YOUNG, TIESHA DYESHAY – Possession of marijuana <2oz

JEFFERY, ROBERT DOYLE – MTAG/Burglary of habitat; Evading arrest detention; Fail to identify giving false info

FLOWERS, MARISSA ANN – Possession of controlled substance PG 1 >=1G<4G; Possession of drug paraphernalia; Unauthorized absence community correction facility; Credit/Debit card abuse elderly/disabled (four counts)

HOFFMAN, DUSTY EDWARD – Possession of controlled substance PG 1 >=1G<4G; Unl possession of firearm by felon

TOWNSDIN, BETH MICHELLE – Burglary of habitation