Home Crime Lamar County Sheriff's inmate booking report || January 22, 2019

Lamar County Sheriff’s inmate booking report || January 22, 2019


Date Range: January 19, 2019 – January 22, 2019

BROWN, CORNISHA DORSHAE – Prohibited substance in correctional facility; Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G


PACK, SHEENA RENEA – Criminal trespass

DILLARD, GERRY DON – Theft of property <$2,500 2/more previous conv

NASSAR, CHRISTOPHER SHANE – Possession of marijuana <2oz

SIMON, SHAWN HENRY – JN/Unl carrying weapon; JN/Disorderly conduct with 3+ priors

SMITH, SHAKISHA DANIELLE – Driving while intoxicated/open alc container; Resist arrest search or transport

ROBINSON, KRISTOPHER RAY – Driving while intoxicated

MURILLO, ANTHONY WILLIAM – Aggravated assault with deadly weapon

MARANDO, EVAN RYAN – Driving while intoxicated; Unl carrying weapon

SUGG, CAMILIA NECOLE – DCC/Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G

STUCKEY, BERLYN DON – Terroristic threat of family household

LOCKETT, DEMONDRE DESHAWN – Unauthorized use of vehicle; Fail to ID/give false info

BOLTON, CHRISTOPHER LEE – Unauthorized absence  community correctional facility; MTR/Driving while intoxicated 3rd or more; MTR/Evading arrest detention with previous


MARLOW, JAMES C. – Assault class C

BELL, DEVONYA – Public intoxication

WALTON, CODY RYAN – Public intoxication

CORTES MENDEZ, JAIME JOEL – Fail to ID fugitive from justice

HOFFMAN, DUSTY EDWARD – No liability insurance

LARKIN, PAULA KAY – Resist arrest search or transport; Assault public servant; Public intoxicated with 3 prior convictions

ROBERTSON, TANNER ALLEN – Possession of marijuana <2oz

GLASS, JOHNATHON LEE – Criminal trespass

ROGERS, PERRY ROY, III – CPF/No driver’s license when unlicensed

JONES, ROGERS JUNIOR – Driving while intoxicated

JUSTICE, KEVIN WAYNE – BS/Possession of controlled substance PG 1<1G

CLEMMONS, SHELBY SHAYNA – Possession of controlled substance PG 2-A <= 2OZ

WILLIAMS, JIA DEMOND – Possession of marijuana <2oz; Speeding; No liability insurance; Fail to appear

MCCLENDON, ERIC ANTHONY – Criminal trespass

Blassingame, Dalton Riley – Possession of marijuana <2oz

BRACEY, TOZZ PIERRE – Possession of marijuana <2oz; Burglary of vehicle; Theft of firearm

SIMMONS, AMOSA JAKOBE – Assault causes bodily injury family violence; Assault causes bodily injury; Possession of marijuana <2oz

JONES, MYCHAL TYLER – Pubic intoxication with 3 prior conv