Date Range: October 11, 2018 – October 12, 2018

MADDOX, DANEL CALEB – CPF/Driving while license invalid; MTAG/Possession of controlled substance  PG 1<1G

GUTIERREZ, NOE – Forgery of financial instrument

RAMOS, JUAN ANTONIO – Judgement NISI/Assault causes bodily injury

GRAVES, JARRECKUS DOMONTA – Fleeing police officer

SIMS, BRADLEY DEWAYNE – Assault against elderly or disabled individual

DAVIDSON, DAVID CHARLES – Theft of property >=$750<$2,500; UNL Possession of firearm by felon

MORRIS, DAMON BRIAN – Aggravated assault date/family household member with weapon

MCMULLEN, DARLA MICHELLE – Writ of attachment (Travis Co)

BESHIRS, CAMERON LEE – Possession of marijuana <2oz; Possession of drug paraphernalia

STEELE, LACY RENEE – False drug test falsification device

TONEY, ROSA LYNN – Possession of marijuana <2oz; MTR/DWI 2nd

GORTON, SCOTT ARTHUR – False drug test falsification device