Date Range: November 07, 2018 – November 08, 2018

ELLIS, KESHAUWN MAQCQUISE – Possession of marijuana <2oz

WILSON, TERRY GLEN – Theft of property >=$750<$2,500

CHANCELLOR, LINDA KAY – FTA/Not secured by seatbelt –  passenger

BANNON, DAVID WAYNE – CPF/FTA/DWLI; CPF/FTA/Possession of drug paraphernalia

WILLIAMS, JOSHUA JERMOND – Assault causes bodily injury family violence

HEARNE, KENNIE SEAN – Possession of marijuana <2oz

NUNN, ZAKARY TYLER – Aggravated assault with deadly weapon

CAFFEY, HOLLY CHRISTIAN – BS/Manufacturing or delivery of controlled substance PG 1 >=1G<4G, RO

COLEMAN, JUSTIN WADE – Assault int/reck breath/circulation family member; Violate bond protective order2+ previous order

GRESHAM, VINCENT EDWARD – MTR/Driving while intoxicated