Image of sheriff's patrol carDate Range: Tuesday, May 15 – Wednesday, May 16


GARZA, ANDREW  – Resist arrest search or transport; Violation of parole; BS/Driving while intoxicated 2nd

JOHNSON, CRYSTAL GAIL – Abandon endanger child criminal negligence

KING, CHERRY RAE – Issuance of bad check; MTR/Theft of property >=$100<$750

HARRISON, LEONARD RHODELL – CCC/Driving while intoxicated 3rd or more

DILLARD, KEENAN JAMAL – Fail to yield right of way; No liability insurance

PIRTLE, TYLER JOHN – CPF/Possession of drug paraphernalia; CPF/Fail to report noninjury accident at once to proper authorities

PENSON, DANIEL RAY – CCC/Driving while intoxicated 3rd or more; CCC/MTR/Driving while intoxicated BAC >=0.15; CCC/MTR/Driving while intoxicated

ROSE, DONELL – Assault causes bodily injury/family violence; Open container on passenger; MTR/Possession of controlled substance 2-A <= 2OZ

STANFORD, CHRISTOPHER FARON – Resist arrest search or transport

ENLOW, KYLE WAYNE – Possession of marijuana <2oz


This report is courtesy of the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office.