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Man sentenced to 40 years for fleeing from police || Joshua Temple



On Monday, a Lamar County jury convicted Joshua Temple of evading arrest with a motor vehicle in an incident where he attempted to ram a Paris police officer while running from an open warrant, according to Assistant District Attorney Benjamin I. Kaminar.

“The defendant endangered the lives of multiple people, including a passenger in his own car,” Kaminar said. “The defendant’s run from the police only ended when he crashed into a telephone pole on North Main Street, while he screamed that he wasn’t going back to jail.”


Because the state was able to prove two prior felony convictions, the range of punishment increased from two-10 years to 25 years-life.

“The jury learned that the defendant had four prior felony convictions in the past 12 years. In one of them, the defendant led a state trooper on a chase because he was fleeing yet another open warrant. The jury decided that enough was enough and recommended a sentence of 40 years in prison,” Kaminar said. “He will have to serve at least 20 before being eligible for parole.”

Lamar County District Attorney Gary Young stated, “Obviously, the jury understood how dangerous it is for the public and police officers when drivers evade in a car. Hopefully, Mr. Temple will have finally learned his lesson and won’t repeat this behavior when he is released from prison in 20-plus years.”

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