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Donald Jack ‘DJ’ Robertson will serve 108 years for sexually abusing two Lamar County children


After a week-long delay due to influenza, the jury for a Texas Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive reconvened today to hand down his punishment.

Donald Jack “DJ” Robertson was sentenced to 108 years after the jury of nine women and three men found him guilty of child sex crimes against two Lamar County children.


“The jury obviously looked at every angle and they clearly took their job very seriously and we’re grateful for that,” said Lamar County First Assistant Attorney Jill Drake. “We are very pleased with the outcome.”

The jury was initially unable to unanimously agree upon whether or not he sexually assaulted the second woman, resulting in a near-mistrial. After 6th District Court Judge Wes Tidwell had the jury continue deliberations, they unanimously found Robertson guilty of child sex crimes for both women.

Throughout the last week of January, five women and teens told the jury they had been sexually abused or had a sexual relationship with Robertson, each describing varying forms of sexual encounters with him during their childhood. One woman, who was 13-15 years old at the time, claimed the sexual relationship between her and Robertson — an adult with a wife and child — was consensual and that Robertson claimed he loved her. However, in the state of Texas, a minor cannot give consent. Of the five, two pressed charges against Robertson.

Robertson will be placed in custody with the Department of Criminal Justice, effective immediately, where he will then serve 108 years (consecutive) without eligibility for parole. Robertson does have the option to appeal.

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