Home Crime Woman accused of using a child to steal from Walmart

Woman accused of using a child to steal from Walmart


A woman was arrested Thursday after police say she used a child to steal from Walmart.

Paris police were called to the 3800 block of Lamar Avenue for reports of a theft.


Terry Bull of the Paris Police Department said when officers arrived, they were told a group of people has stolen numerous items from the retail establishment.

“When the suspects left the store, an employee approached them and they fled and got into a vehicle on the lot with a waiting driver,” Bull said. “The suspects were known to store employees from previous thefts.”

Bull said officers were able to stop the suspects in the reported vehicle in the 6400 block of Lamar Avenue.

“There, they located three individuals, one suspect being a juvenile,” he said.

Officers arrested Chasity Lockhart for theft with multiple prior convictions, as well as several outstanding warrants for traffic and other theft-related crimes.

“She was also charged with exploitation of a child for utilizing a juvenile to commit retail theft,” he said.

She was later taken to Lamar County Jail.

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