Author: Sue Shapcott

Pitching | Pro Tips, from a Pro Golfer – Sue Shapcott

Golfers frequently confuse chipping and pitching. They are both short-game shots, but that is where the similarities end. For clarity, chipping is the low running shot (see previous column: [add link]). It is effective and reliable. By contrast, pitching is the high shot. A pitch shot is more exciting and higher risk! Because of the risk, I recommend chipping when possible and pitching only when you have no other option: for example, hitting over a bunker. To set up for a pitch, position the ball slightly forward of center so you can hit up on the ball. This will add...

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Chipping or Pitching | Pro Tips from a Pro Golfer

Chipping or Pitching? The phrases chipping and pitching are used interchangeably by golfers, TV commentators and golf magazines. So it is no wonder that people are confused about the difference! Both chipping and pitching are short shots played around the green – for most players within 20 to 30 yards of the hole. The distinguishing factor between the shots is their trajectories. The chip shot is low and running, whereas the pitch shot is high. Considering the different goals of the shots, it makes sense that there is no middle ground between the two. You should either be chipping,...

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Driving | Pro Tips from a Pro Golfer, Sue Shapcott

If you find driving difficult, it’s okay. It’s not you, it’s the club! The characteristics of the driver make the shot difficult. The shaft is long and this makes coordination harder. It also increases club head speed. This can be a good thing so long as the ball goes straight. But if you strike the ball with any amount of spin, that gets exaggerated and the ball will go off line. Then there is the clubface. The driver is the least lofted bag. Loft not only helps get the ball airborne, but the backspin imparted with higher lofted clubs...

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Golf Tips: Where should the ball position be in your stance?

Where should the ball position be in your stance? Thankfully, that is an easy answer. Think about where you want to strike the ball in your swing. Do you want to hit it on the downswing (delofting the club and making the launch angle low)? Do you want to hit it on the upswing (adding loft to your clubface and increasing the launch angle)? Or do you want to hit the ball at the bottom of your swing and use the natural loft of the clubface? The answer to these questions depends on what type of shot you are...

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Good Grip – Pro Tips from a Pro Golfer, Sue Shapcott

Introducing our newest contributor, Sue Shapcott. Click here to read more about Sue, or keep reading below for pro tips from a pro golfer! Few people come to golf lessons and complain that they hit the ball too straight! Usually, golfers struggle with a slice, where the ball curves uncontrollably to the right. And occasionally, players struggle with a hook — curving the ball left. There are a number of swing characteristics that contribute to a slice or a hook. But what we know for sure is that when the ball curves, the clubface is misaligned to the club’s...

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