Texting and Driving


Who uses their phone while driving?  Many do, although no one really wants to admit it.  According to a new study by Zendrive, distracted driving is much worse than you think – and Texas is among the Top 20 States for the most distracted drivers.

Zendrive found that drivers look at their smartphones on 88 out of 100 trips.  The study also concluded that during an hour-long trip, drivers in the U.S. spent an average of 3.5-minutes using their phone.  This finding is frightening, especially when you consider that a 2-second distraction is long enough to increase your likelihood of crashing by over 20-times. In other words, that’s equivalent to 105 opportunities an hour that you could nearly kill yourself and/or others.

Oregon was the least distracted state with drivers behind the wheel only spending 2.2 minutes per hour on their phones. Vermont is the worst with drivers using their phones on average for 4.4 minutes per hour. Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama came in next.  

Don't Text And DriveThe Texas Legislature is taking recent car crashes due to texting to the House and Senate Floor.  House Bill 62 could soon become the law of the land in Texas making it illegal to text and drive.  Currently texting is banned in all school zones and some North Texas cities even have a full ban in place.

What do you think?  Do you you agree with House Bill 62?


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