Paris City Council will formally call for a city wide bond election on February 8, 2017 to be placed on the May ballot.  The proposed road and park bond project was first presented at the December 12, 2016 council meeting, where by the council opted to hear input from citizens before adding the bond to the up and coming local election.

Citizens will be voting on an $11 million bond with a 20 year note come February. City Manager, John Godwin reviewed with council the roads that would be covered under the bond.  “There are approximately 18 streets in need of repair in Paris, however 11 of the streets definitely fall under the bond coverage and are of priority,” stated Godwin.

Streets included along with cost:

Church St – $1.8 million, 33rd St. S.E. – $2.6 million, 24th St S.E. – $2.8 million, Collegiate St from Lamar to Clarksville – $364,000, Graham St from 3rd to the railroad tracks – $1.7 million, 6th St from Pine Bluff to Evergreen – $548,000, 7th N.W. from Graham to Center $386,000, 17th N.E. to Pine Bluff – $1.1 million, 3rd St from Sherman to Provine $583,000, 1st St S.E. and 8th St.  The order of these repairs are subject to change.

The current city of Paris tax rate is .50194, but with the recent annexation of Paris Junior College the tax rate will decrease by almost .08 cents; bringing the tax rate for Paris citizens down to .0466.  “By adding an additional .05 cents to the tax rate for the road and park bond, citizens would still be paying less than they have in the past,” said Mayor Hashmi.

Example:  An average home valued at $76,302 currently pays $1,938.72 and the same house would only pay $1,864.48.  “So actually citizens would be paying less than before,” said Hashmi. “If we were to share the drop in taxes among ourselves, for the betterment of roads, we would generate almost $11 million in revenue while our taxes will go down by $36 a year.”

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