erin_finch2If I were being honest, the discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle can often feel like a huge inconvenience in a world that slows down for nothing.

Somewhere along the way, the very things that contribute to our good health have become a burden; just another thing we must do on our endless ‘to-do’ lists.

Eating healthy foods all week involves thinking ahead, meal planning, shopping, cooking the food, a never-ending pile of dishes to clean and to top it off, time to do it all!!


Not having time is one of the most common reasons I hear for not being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But let’s be honest here, we tend to always find time for the things that are important to us, don’t we?

Over time, these things have simply become a part of my family’s routine to stay healthy, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t complain sometimes about the time it takes each week or wish that someone else would just do it all for me!

However, I think it is appropriate this week to take a step back and remember how blessed we are to even complain about such things. Maybe you can relate to my feelings below. I invite you and challenge you to re-frame your mindset along with me in the weeks ahead.

When it comes to meal planning: My first thought is typically, I wish someone else would just tell me exactly what to eat. That would be so much easier and require much less effort on my part.

But wait a second, how incredible is it that I get to choose what I want to eat each week? Not everyone has this luxury. In fact, many people around the world would be happy to eat period, and I am getting to CHOOSE what will be on my plate each day from an unlimited source of food and delicious healthy recipes. What a gift.

When it comes to grocery shopping: My first thought most week’s is simply just not wanting to go. I would rather be at home on a Sunday afternoon spending time with family, taking a nap, or playing outside than buying groceries. But guess what you guys? I have a car that is filled with gas and can drive me to a grocery store that is only 5 minutes away from my house. And guess what else? When I get to the grocery store it is filled with tons of healthy foods every single day of the week! Isn’t that awesome? To top it off, I have money to buy the groceries there! I have never questioned once in my life if I would have enough food to eat. What a gift.

When it comes to cooking and meal prepping: My first thought most week’s is dreading how much time it will take and all the cleaning that is inevitably involved!! But guess what? I have a fridge that will keep my chopped vegetables fresh ALL WEEK! What good is a fridge if there is no food in it? Also, food to prepare means I have food to eat, and food to eat at home means more time spent with family around the table! What a beautiful gift.

I have to remind myself of these things often. I hope you will too. Happy Thanksgiving!

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