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AG’s office speaks on protecting the state and fighting human trafficking during Lamar County Days


Photo: Texas Attorney General’s Office || Jeff Mateer

Jeff Mateer, First Assistant Attorney General, spoke to the Northeast Texas Regional Alliance today during Lamar County Days. Mateer opened with “We are not just the office of child support. We do more than just collection support for the children of Texas. We are the lawyers for the state. Currently, we have 30,000 lawsuits on the dockets. We are either suing someone or someone is suing us.” The Attorney General’s Office has five main functions:

  • Defend the state of Texas by providing legal assistance to the state and those who represent the state;
  • Protect Texas consumers against fraud, waste and abuse;
  • Serve the children of Texas by collecting child support. In 2018 the AG office collected $4.3 billion in child support;
  • Defend the freedoms of Texas, making sure the AG office is protecting the constitution; and
  • Secure justice for Texans by prosecuting human traffickers, internet crimes against children, apprehending fugitives, and Medicare fraud.

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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and it is happening all across Texas to thousands of men, women, and children.

The video, “Be The One,” developed by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, provides an understanding of what human trafficking is and is not, identifies vulnerable populations that are more likely to be victimized by human traffickers, identifies indicators of human trafficking and methods of reporting to the authorities, and highlights actual cases of human trafficking prosecuted in Texas. More than 300,000 Texans become victims of human trafficking.

“These men, women, and children are being abducted by traffickers in all parts of our state,” Mateer said. “From Katy, to Rockwall, to Dallas and all points in between. If we think it won’t happen in our community, we are turning a blind eye. We all need to be aware and keep an eye out for these people and push for prevention.”

Click here to watch the “Be the One” video.

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