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Paris Pair host opening day for new food truck park | The Slab


A new food truck park opened today offering several food trucks throughout the day ranging from BBQ, Burgers, and even ginger beer and kombucha!

The couple responsible for The Slab is Pam and John Swilley who are eParisExtra’s next Paris Pair. The Swilley family are from East Lone Oak in Lamar County.

John and Pam’s story begins at a Sonic Drive-In where John “begged Pam to go on a date with him.”

“I was actually dating someone else at the time, but John was pretty persistent so I broke it off with my boyfriend and I took John up on his offer,” said Pam.

The two got married not long later, and three years later came oldest son Brandon who now works as a Medical Engineer in Greenville with L3.  When Brandon was three they introduced their youngest son, Steven, into the world and that completed the Swilley family!

Steven now lives in Austin with his girlfriend Misty Klein who is also from Paris.

What started as a family trip to visit Steven and Misty has turned into a new vision for Paris! The Swilley’s have opened The Slab at 2305 Clarksville Street near Paris Junior College. 

While most of our Paris Pairs articles feature couples that are tackling business dream as a duo, this one is a little different. The Swilley’s vision for a food truck park started out as a family visit to see Steven in Austin.

“During the trip, we had such a great time visiting our son and we fell in love with the food truck parks in Austin. We had a great time as a family getting to experience such a cool idea and ate some of the best food we had ever had!” said Pam.

Pam asked her son to take her to the best food Austin had to offer. “When we got out of the car and I saw a parking lot full of food trucks I stomped my feet and wondered what he was thinking!” said Pam. She ended up having some incredible food and a great time.

Steven saw how much his parents enjoyed the food truck parks and suggest they start one here in Paris, and so they did!  The vision started in June of 2017 and today, November 10, 2017, is opening day.

The trucks are fired up and ready to go, don’t miss out on some great food. Pam and John will be there to say hello, along with Steven and Misty.

“It’s really a family thing. John and I are grateful for Steven’s idea, and Brandon made our website and is handling the digital stuff. We’re all in this together!” said Pam.

John extends an invite for everyone to come check out The Slab. “We’re offering The Slab to food trucks for free for the first two weeks so people can catch the vision. If anyone’s interested they can let us know through our website and as long as there’s an opening then we’d love to have them join in!”

Pam and John plan to add on restrooms, a courtyard, and even a stage for live music in the future.

Check them out on Facebook, Click here.

View their website, Click here.

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