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Texoma Dermatology in Paris welcomes new staff


In February, US Dermatology acquired Texoma Dermatology Clinic (TDC) which have offices in both Sherman and Paris, Texas. TDC has been providing patients with quality healthcare since they were founded in 1976 to North Texas and Southeast Oklahoma.

After acquiring Texoma Dermatology, the CEO of US Dermatology stated, “We are honored to partner with the high experience team at TDC. Their great reputation and long-standing presence further bolster our market-leading position in Texas.”


As part of the local team, Ashley Chappell, born and raised in Paris, Texas by parents Robby and Staci Russell serves as Physician Assistant in the Texoma Dermatology Paris office. After years of being away at school, Ashley and her husband Grant moved back to the Paris area where both of their roots were deeply planted.

They are excited to be back in their hometown where they are eager to be giving back to the Paris Community where their families have resided for many generations.

The TDC office came to life after Ashley was a patient of Dr. Stewart’s in Sherman. When she decided to go to PA school, she discussed it with him and expressed her interest in the Dermatology field.

“I respected the physicians in Sherman and believed the patients in Paris would benefit from a facility nearby. To my surprise, he agreed and said that they had always known there was a large population of their patients from Paris but did not think a clinic would be successful unless they had a provider born and raised there….and here I am!” said Chappell.

Chappell is the full-time provider for the Paris clinic. She sees patients Monday through Thursday during clinic doing skin exams, biopsy lesions, treating skin conditions and treating skin cancers.

Also on the Paris team is the new addition, Dr. Matthew Helm who was born and raised in Midland, Texas. He will serve in the offices in Sherman as well as the Paris area.

Dr. Helm is passionate about working with patients and creating meaningful impact through quality care. He takes special interest in the treatment of skin cancers as well as new and emerging treatments for psoriasis.

Outside of the office Ashley loves to sing, craft, and be inspired by pinterest. Dr. Helm also has a few hobbies of his own such as hiking, tennis, golf, traveling, and history. Between the staff and quality of care at Texoma Dermatology in Paris, they will get you taken care of.

Texoma Dermatology is located at:
2725 NE Loop 286
Paris, TX 75460
Click here for more information on their website.



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