Paris Pairs: duo’s in Paris that do things together!

Paris, Texas is home to over 25,000 people who we are certain are all connected in one way or another. This featured duo started a business just over 25 years ago and in their time of operation, we are willing to bet they are responsible for a portion of your wardrobe.

Like many start-up companies, Screen Graphics story starts with an idea and a couple of friends. Brent Beaird was employed at Earthgrains and was playing with the idea of learning to print t-shirts on his own. He found out his friend Brad Madding was interested in screen printing to0, and so they began.

Brent purchased a home screen printing machine and in no time they opened up their shop out of a little garage in September of 1992. Once the business got rolling, Brent quit his job at Earthgrains to join Brad full-time printing shirts, and Brent’s wife, Suzy Beaird joined the team part-time.

“From there, we rented a building on the Loop, and in 1996 we purchased the building on Collegiate that is still home to SG today,” said Brent.

As we all know, life often takes turns that we could never expect.

“In March of 2004, Brad left on a break to run an errand and was killed in a tragic accident. We didn’t know that he would never come back that day and it definitely made for a hard year and several more to follow. We give God all the glory for getting us through those tough times,” said Brent.

It was at this time that Suzy joined Brent full time in the shop. Over the years the Beaird family have all joined in to embrace the family business. Their sons, Evan and Alec, have played big roles in the company as they all worked together to provide apparel for schools, businesses, non-profits, community events, and so on.

Colby Evans and Alec Beaird – Screen Graphics employees

Their dedication to perfection, quality, and creativity have definitely made their mark in this community. As we met with Brent and Suzy the crew were busy in the back of the shop printing shirts.

Evan, wife Angela, and daughter, Maggie now live in Tyler where Evan works as a Radiology Technologist. Alec and his girlfriend are still working at Screen Graphics with over 10 years of combined experience. They are both attending school at Texas A&M Commerce to pursue degrees in Business and Marketing.

“We love working with our kids and hope they stay with us! My favorite part of working with Brent is seeing his passion for what he does, and helping him to accomplish that,” said Suzy.

“I love getting to work with my family, and the best part is getting to spend so much time together,” said Brent.

“So what’s the most challenging part?”
“Probably that we get to spend so much time together… :)” said Brent, with a laugh.

The future of Screen Graphics is far from slowing down anytime soon. Suzy gave us a tour of the shop and showed how crammed they are getting in the back. “We’ve really just outgrown the place, so we recently purchased a lot on Pine Mill to build a new shop in the near future,” said Suzy.

The Beairds are very active in their home church at Southside Baptist. Together with Chip and Jennifer McEwin, they co-teach the College and Career Sunday School and also hold an in-home bible study on Wednesday nights.

“Through our church, we have served with Habitat for Humanity, Brush with Kindness, The Downtown Food Pantry, Childen’s Advocacy Center, and helped many elderly members in our church with service projects along the way”, said Brent.

The Beaird’s highlighted their dream team staff:

  • Alec Beaird – 5 years
  • Rachel Freeman – 5 years
  • Colby Evans – 5+ years
  • Johnny Merritt – 5 years

eParisExtra congratulates Screen Graphics on recently celebrating their 25th-anniversary last month!

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