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New cycling shop rolls into Paris


Brad and Ashley Hilliard

A new cycling shop is rolling into Paris with a grand opening coming later this month. Brad and Ashley Hilliard, owners of CycleWorks, will open the doors to their new business later this month offering affordable bikes and repair services to the growing cycling community of Paris, Texas.

Meet the Owners

Brad, a born and raised Parisian, has loved cycling since childhood. He first started with BMX Freestyle at the age of 10, even picking up a gig riding a halfpipe at the grand opening of Piggly Wiggly in 1987.

“I always worked on my own bikes. I’ve built them, broke them apart, fixed them and really have always loved the mechanics behind them,” said Brad.”I’ve not only worked on my own bikes, but I grew up fixing bikes for everyone around me too.”

Brad reflected back on his childhood remembering the halfpipe in his backyard creating a community of riders in his neighborhood.

From BMX Freestyle he ventured into mountain biking and road biking and so on. He rides all types of bikes and struggled to answer which style was his favorite.

“I really can’t name one, I love each style for a different reason,” said Brad.

Brad and Ashley have two daughters and now biking is something the whole family enjoys. Ashley was first introduced to biking when Brad passed down a bike to her a few years ago.

“It’s something that we can do together, it keeps us active and we both just really the community behind it all,” said Ashley.

CycleWorks began two years ago in the Hilliard’s garage with Brad working on bikes for the cycling community in his spare time. From there, the dream to open their own shop was born. Brad works part-time for Richard Drake construction and Ashley is employed at Texas Oncology. Now, with their building renovated and ready to roll they are just waiting on asphalt in the parking lot for the dream come true to be official.

The Hilliards plan to hold a grand opening for CycleWorks later this month displaying inventory of affordable bikes of all types along with all the gear you need. Brad also offers bike repairs and services in the front of the shop.

“We built this shop with an open concept,” said Ashley. “We want this to be a place where people feel comfortable to pop in, grab a cup of coffee and to cultivate a culture around the biking community that’s already here in Paris.”

CycleWorks currently carries TRIBE bikes starting at $375 with a sleek and modern design. Brad and Ashley are able to help customers identify the right bike for their needs and sizes.

CycleWorks is located at 307 Evergreen Street in Paris, Texas

What you’ll find inside:

  • TRIBE bikes for all types of riding
  • Apparel
  • Bike repairs and services
  • Bike fitting services
  • Custom parts and orders

“Entering the world of cycling can feel intimidating for some people,” said Brad. “We really want to break down that wall and hope that people can see this is a sport for anyone and everyone to enjoy.”

“A lot of people hop online to order a bike, but when you do that you miss out on personalized experience,” said Ashley. “We want to make sure people find the right bike for them and that it’s assembled correctly rather than by some big box store. We hope that people see they aren’t just getting a bike, they are getting a local service and support team.”

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Take a look inside: