Built in the early 1900s, Heritage Hall first served the city of Paris, Texas, as a warehouse for the nearby train station.

Today is a different story.

“We make people smile, that’s the best part of the job,” said owner JoKyle Varner.

Varner took ownership of Heritage Hall in October 2015, as the owner of a DJ business, Full House Sound Productions, he had been in the building on and off for years for different events.

“I knew it well and knew that great things happened inside those walls,” said Varner

Meet the Varner’s: JoKyle and his wife Hannah with their son Jax.

The venue provides an atmosphere for guests of all kinds to enjoy. As a multi-purpose event center HH host a variety of events weekly from weddings, concerts, business functions and Impact Church on Sunday mornings.

“My favorite things about HH is the fun that’s always happening here. We’ve hosted some really cool musicians and people fall in love at our concerts and then get married here,” said Varner. “Folks are looking for a smoke-free, safe place and that’s what we offer at Heritage Hall.”

Varner has learned throughout the years that delegation and time management are crucial to running a successful business. He knows not everything can be done in a day, but he plans ahead to make sure everything runs as planned for a big event. Varner gives credit to his incredible staff that keeps the wheels turning and makes life easier while taking on the building when Varner isn’t able to.

“That’s honestly one of the keys to success at Heritage Hall,” said Varner.

Where do you see your business in 5-10 years?
“We’re already on the live music map. Guys like Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Dean Dillon and many others highly endorse our place as somewhere to catch an intimate show,” said Varner. “I’d like to take that wave and let it grow. We want to be the premier venue in our market to produce these shows.”

Varner also says that weddings are what shines at HH in the community. Being a unique venue it creates the perfect space for a wedding and HH plans to continue being a destination place for weddings in the area.

“It’s an honor to own Heritage Hall. I grew up in this town and small businesses are the backbone of a town like Paris,” said Varner. “I was raised by a long line of folks that served, it’s in my blood. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!”

Varner also added that if it weren’t for Dr. Hayden there wouldn’t be a Heritage Hall. “He restored the building almost two decades ago and I think he would be proud of how the facility is developed,” said Varner.