ASW PEDC City approves (1)

After more than two hours behind closed doors, Paris City Council voted unanimously to allow Paris Economic Development Corporation to offer a $2.5 million incentive package to American Spiral Weld to entice them to build a new plant in Paris, Texas.

Paris Mayor Dr. Steve Clifford said an additional $250,000 for expenses related to the courtship of ASW was also approved. PEDC Executive Director Michael Paris said the $250,000 will go toward cleaning up the Brownfield, which they would do regardless whether or not the company chooses Paris. It also allows up to $2 million to be paid to the company, in total, at up to $25,000 per employee hired. Paris said cash would be given upfront to the project at $1.5 million. He said $500,000 would be from PEDC for rail and $1 million will be funded from a loan from local financial institutions, which would go to the company for each employee hired. Another $1 million will go toward that after a threshold is met. That threshold, he said, has not yet been set by ASW.

Furthermore, it allows PEDC members to make a commitment to cover the cost of setting up the property – nearly 140 acres at the Business Park – into three phases: Greenfield, Brownfield and Wetlands. The Greenfield portion, totaling about 98 acres, will be phase one. The Brownfield cleanup, totaling about 35 acres, will be phase two and the Wetlands section, totaling about 5 acres, will be phase three.

In December 2017, Paris City Council unanimously approved PEDC’s request to offer a $1.28 million incentive package to ASW. The million-dollar incentive package includes land. Formally known as Project Orange Fire, the addition of ASWP could bring 120 full-time jobs; each with an average salary of about $51,000.

Paris said the plant is currently considering its path forward with Paris, Texas. If selected, the company plans to have the plant ready to go in the spring of 2019.

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