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Chamber of Commerce announces new program connecting business leaders and local students


A local organization has created a new initiative to bridge the gap between local businesses and the young people of our community.

On June 4, Paul Allen moved into his new office as the President of the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce with big dreams for the broader community of Lamar County and all ages that reside within.

As a life-long educator, Allen believes an integral part of a better future for our community is to make a way for students to connect with local businesses and business professionals and vise versa. Today, Allen released the news that a plan is in motion.

The new program, Chamber Connect, is an initiative that allows the Chamber of Commerce to partner with the Lamar County Coalition of Education, Business, and Industry to help connect local students with local businesses in Lamar County.

“The response from our schools and business leaders I have talked with so far has been great,” said Allen. “This will provide our students in Lamar County the opportunity to make that connection with business leaders and hear their story about what it takes to become a successful business in their specific field.”

The hope with this new program is that a wide variety of business people will have access to every school in Lamar County to promote their business.

“I know from experience that our students need that information because some of them may not know what direction to take to fulfill a goal or a dream they have,” said Allen. “The other part of this will allow business leaders to make the connection with students that have an interest in their field and possibly mentor, or in some cases hire after the connection is made.”

Chamber Connect will be available at schools during their lunch periods for kids to ask questions and gather needed information on how to pursue their dream after school.  Business leaders and students can expect to see the beginning stages of the program September 10, at North Lamar High School.

For questions, please contact the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce at 903-784-2501.


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