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Camp Gladiator comes to Paris || Seeking personal trainers


Camp Gladiator, CG, began in 2008 after founders Ally & Jeff Davidson participated in American Gladiator.

Ally went on to win the entire competition and was sparked with a passion to fill a gap in the world of fitness offering a program that was fun and positive.


The Davidson’s founded Camp Gladiator which now has more than 3,000 locations nationwide and a new location coming to Paris this year. CG is on the lookout for six personal trainers to host camps at various locations throughout Paris.

“CG is really all about bringing people together to focus on healthy and active lifestyles,” said North Texas Area Director Ashli Warren. “Our camps go on in rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine and we are always outdoors.”

Warren said each camp is open to people of all fitness levels, whether you’ve never worked out a day in your life or if you an all-star athlete. The camps are based on your personal best and trainers give success options that help campers modify workouts to fit their fitness levels.

“We run in four-week cycles so the first week is endurance, then we have strength agility, interval training and a peak week after that,” said Warren. “We have more than 1,200 trainers that work nationwide and now we’re looking for six more to join the team as we launch in Paris.” 

Each session is 60 minutes, kids are welcome and your membership is applicable nationwide. CG offers a free mobile to showcase where each camp is taking place, who the trainer is and all the details you need to be informed. CG offers memberships ranging from month to month all the way up to two-year contracts for campers that are ready to dive right in.

“It’s really all based on positivity and encouragement,” said Warren. “We’re pretty big on high-fives around here and we can’t wait to get more involved in the schools, community and local events that are already taking place in Paris.”

Camp Gladiator has already joined the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce and will be taking steps to launch in Paris this spring.

For more information on how to become a CG personal trainer, you can email Ashli at ashliwarren@campgladiator.com or give her a call at 214-551-3658.

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