Pictured Left: Ashley Babb and family. Pictured right: Hollie Barrentine and family

Hollie Barrentine became the owner of what is now known as Cotton Harvest Boutique and Spa (formerly Divine Designs), located in downtown Paris, Texas, on November 1, 2017.

Barrentine was in the process of moving her new business to a new location, rebranding, doing inventory and trying to set up internal processes all while expecting her son, Kotton, to make his way into the world. At the time of the transition, she was nine months pregnant.

That’s when Paris Glam Owner Ashley Babb stepped in to show what the heartbeat of Lamar County is all about.

“Me and two of my employees went to help Hollie setup her new place. I was able to help Hollie establish an inventory system and set up her point of sale system as well as help in the process of rebranding,” said Babb. “I don’t really like to use the word competitor because I don’t see it that way. We are all friends and that’s where the whole vision of the Boutique Trolley [in October] comes from.”

Hollie, and her husband Brad, later welcomed Kotton into the world two weeks earlier than anticipated. The help from Babb allowed Barrentine to transition into her new location, rebrand and open her store smoothly all while preparing for her sons birth.

“Ashley went above and beyond to help,” said Barrentine.

With fewer than 50,000 people in Lamar County, the beauty in this place is the willingness of those around us to help when we are in need.

“Ashley went above and beyond to help her competition, they did inventory and worked just like it was their own,” said Lamar County Chamber of Commerce President Paul Allen. “These two businesses are being run by strong young ladies that are Chamber Members. This story demonstrates a passion for others and working together to make Lamar County a better place.”

Cotton Harvest is located at 39 Lamar Ave., click here to view their Facebook page. Paris Glam is located at 125 N Collegiate Drive, click here to view their Facebook page. 

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