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Power Jack Foundation Repair || Business Feature


Having served the Paris area since 1976, Power Jack Foundation Repair originally started by Jerry Bob and Lynda Stephens.

“They already had a flourishing concrete business and began to see the need for a local foundation repair company,” Paul Stephens, Power Jack Foundation Repair co-owner, said.

In 2006, Paul and Shannon Stephens took hold of Power Jack Foundation Repair’s reins.

“Our vision was to reinforce the longevity and stability of the business while also incorporating new and innovative technology,” Stephens said.

Typically the greatest financial investment a person makes, Stephens said, a home can cause anxiety and worry when foundation problems become evident.

“Paris is known for having unstable soil,” Stephens said. “Because of this, many houses and businesses experience shifting foundations, and our desires is to come alongside the owner and help them make an informed decision regarding their foundation.”

Stephens, trying to make the situation cost-effective, said Power Jack Foundation Repair provides free estimates.

“In order to provide our customers with increased security and peace of mind, we offer lifetime transferable warranty,” Stephens said. “We also offer financing options for those who are unable to afford the repairs in one lump sum.”

Stephens said Power Jack Foundation Repair has a “great team.

“Our business is a success in great part because of their dedication,” Stephens said. 

When a customer comes in contact with Power Jack Foundation Repair, Stephens said, they will:

  • talk with Jim, customer service representative, who will schedule an estimate and answer questions;
  • meet Paul, who gives out estimates and discusses repairs and expectations;
  • talk with Jeff, Power Jack Foundation Repair general manager, who will schedule the job and keep the homeowner apprised of job-related details;
  • watch the crew at work; and
  • talk with Alberto, supervisor, who will talk with the customer prior to and after the job to ensure questions and concerns have been addressed.

“Our customers are our priority throughout each step of the process and are very appreciative of the care they receive from the beginning to the end,” Stephens said.

Both having grown up in Paris, Shannon and Paul’s families still live in the area.

“We are very invested in our community,” Stephens said. “We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It is important to us that we provide quality work and have a great reputation, and we are thrilled to have so many great reviews from customers.”

Paul said the best compliment Power Jack Foundation Repair receives is when a customer comes up to them at the store or church and “raves about the work our company did for them.

“Thank you for allowing us to serve you,” Stephens said. “We truly appreciate it and do not take the talk lightly.”

Stephens said Power Jack Foundation Repair also stays up to date on the latest technology, training and educational classes.

“We strive to provide the best possible job, in the most cost-effective manner and in the least amount of time,” Stephens said.

Power Jack Foundation Repair offers:

  • new construction: piers for new construction so customers need not worry about foundation problems;
  • foundation repair: piers and polyurethane foam injections; and
  • drainage corrections.

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