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Previously known as Paris Med Spa, Family Medical Clinic and Vitality Health Center and Medical Spa focuses on giving its clients the look they want.

Ronda Gross
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Family Medical Clinic and Vitality Health Center and Medical Spa’s practice encompasses the use of conventional medicine with a focus on preventative care, health and wellness. The facility’s top priority is to help build a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

“We strive to improve health in this era of chronic diseases,” said Nancy Ashmore. “Individualized care is given to find the root cause of poor health. We are ready to help our clients; Each person is different, and care is given not to offer a one-size-fits-all solution.”

Fran King said she loves her clients, and “they are like family.

“I always enjoy hearing their stories and seeing them melt in my chair and even fall asleep in the relaxed private atmosphere,” King said. “I know if you look your best, you feel better and have better confidence. Therefore, you are more successful in all endeavors of your life.”

Nancy Ashmore, FNP-C
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Clients who visit Family Medical Clinic and Vitality Health Center and Medical Spa are educated and provided with new ideas to make positive lifestyle changes, “to be the best they can be.

“We offer options to help regain younger looking skin and a more youthful appearance,” said Ashmore.

As a trained medical aesthetic provider and certified lymphatic therapist, King said overall health and wellness shape the way people perceive themselves.

“With the use of advanced technology, perception reframing can change some of the static thoughts that have been passed to you from former generations and can lead you to new ways of seeing things, more options for dealing with life, and new and improved realities,” King said. “This is a private treatment that helps with repeated negative behavior, weight problems, addictions, work or athletic performance, emotional stress, relationship problems, recurring pain, etc. This treatment has been a lifesaver for some of my clients.”

Brandy Preston, FNP-BC, IFMCP
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To be a business in Paris, Ashmore said talent and time are used to serve the wellbeing of the local community.

“Being a business in Paris means to be valued and trusted by the community and have a passion for your services,” Ashmore said. “It means to overcome challenges and use marketing solutions offered by advertisers and other business. To encourage and build others up and use resources as they become available to grow.”

Ashmore said life is busy and can leave people exhausted at the end of the day.

Fran King Medical Aesthetic Provider Photo Submitted

“I hear daily from patients they are not at their best – they find it difficult to find energy to spend with families and care for themselves,” Ashmore said. “They often feel the fast-paced modern life has depleted them, and they want to look and feel their best. We focus on helping our clients live a happier, healthier and more youthful life with personalized care and restorative therapies. It’s my mission to treat the patient holistically, considering their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical being.”

For more information on Family Medical Clinic and Vitality Health Center and Medical Spa, contact them at 903-737-1913 or 903-783-1999.

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