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Photo: Clay Rose via Facebook

After working with previous owner Ronny Bolton for about four years, Clay Rose and his wife purchased Lone Star Collision Center on May 1, 2018.

“We have been in business since 1982, and we do everything from major collision repair to changing a bad light bulb,” Rose said.

Photo: Clay Rose via Facebook

Rose said he began working for Bolton in June of 2014 as a painter for two years. Always wanting to own his own shop, Rose said he wanted to run one before he bought an existing shop.

“Ronnie and I got together and found an awesome painter we both tested and felt comfortable running our paint shop and meeting our high standards of paint work,” Rose said. “In early 2016, I became the shop manager and estimator.”

After just a few months, Rose said he knew Lone Star Collision Center was where he belonged.

“I love helping customers with their claims and ensuring them that their car would be in good hands and safe to drive again,” Rose said. “We back all repairs with a lifetime guarantee and proudly stand behind it. We fix every vehicle as if our own kids or grandkids would be riding in it.”

Photo: Clay Rose via Facebook

Rose said having a wreck is a nightmare in itself — small door dings cause stress.

“That doesn’t hold a candle to how frustrating the claims process with an insurance company can be,” Rose said. “But I enjoy helping customers with their claims. I will call the insurance company for you, answer all their questions and even set you up in a rental or one of our loaner vehicles.”

Rose said there is no sense in customers experiencing more stress on top of the accident, “that’s what we’re here for.”

Photo: Clay Rose via Facebook

Rose said Paris’ rich history is what he loves about the town.

“The people here glow with pride in their city, and the Chamber of Commerce strives to make it better for us everyday,” Rose said. “We have been members of the Chamber for almost 20 years. Paris is an amazing town and all the new growth has us excited for the future.”

Rose said Lone Star Collision Center works for the customer, and not the insurance company. As people persons, Rose said he and his wife love meeting new faces and seeing old friends.

Photo: Clay Rose via Facebook

“Some people think that repair facilities are out to get them. But, I can assure you that we are not,” Rose said. “We go to the same restaurants, shop at the same local stores and go to the same sporting events as our customers. I never want to have to hide my face or avoid a past customer because of a bad experience. We take the extra step to deliver excellent and prompt services.”

Rose said when it comes to an accident, he will walk customers through every step.

“If you’re in an accident, call me,” Rose said. “It’s that simple, and every job is different.”

Lone Star Collision is at 1421 19th St. N.W. For more information, contact Rose at 903-785-1281.

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